Inspired By Tragedy

A driving force behind the BDA Cares Foundation is Susan’s Rock, named in honor of a wonderful employee and a beautiful and caring person taken from us in 2011 — a victim of domestic violence. The message of Susan’s Rock is to be strong for yourself and for those you care about.

Susan was brutally beaten to death by her on-again, off-again boyfriend during a company trip in Kona, Hawaii. BDA employees reported screams coming from Susan’s hotel room, but by the time security broke down the barricaded door, it was too late. While awaiting trial in Hawaii, Susan’s attacker pled guilty to second-degree murder in June 2012. On Dec. 12, 2012 he was sentenced to life in prison.

Before leaving the Big Island, Susan’s BDA family formed a memorial in her honor. Using hundreds of white coral rocks that washed up on the Kona shore, “SUSAN” was spelled out in giant letters on a hillside of black lava rock near the resort. Symbolically, the tribute was a promise that we wouldn’t forget what had happened. And while the experience brought a measure of closure, it was clear our response was just beginning.

We lost Susan. Nothing can bring her back. But we can keep her spirit alive by helping others avoid and escape this terrible crime. At BDA, we have made a commitment to make a difference and we will stand alongside victims and their families until this epidemic is stopped. We will be their rock.

Susan’s Rock
Show Strength. Show Courage. Show Compassion. Show Love.

Susan’s Rock – Stand Strong Against Domestic Violence

This program focuses on the prevention of violence against women and children by supporting causes dedicated to three key pillars:

Stronger Education of Young Men Domestic violence awareness and prevention programs aimed at coaching young boys what it means to be a real man and not commit these crimes.
Stronger Empowerment and Networks for Women Improve the resources and services that provide domestic violence survivors options for safety, healing and hope for themselves and their families.
Stronger Legislation and Enforcement of our Protective Laws Strengthening and improving the criminal justice system/laws (state and federal) that deal with domestic violence criminals.
By working together, we can change the societal beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate domestic violence and provide hope for survivors.

An Invitation to Corporate America

Domestic violence spans all socio-economic and cultural groups. The National Institute of Justice and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention reports that ONE in four women will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime. The ONE is a mother, sister, friend, colleague, business leader, public figure. Susan’s Rock is an invitation to Corporate America to take action and help end the abuse.

Why Rocks?

As the world’s leading Merchandise Agency™, we recognize the importance of creating a small token to help communicate the message of Susan’s Rock. A polished purple rock serves as the perfect representation of this movement for several reasons. Each rock is different. Each has been through a tough tumble to reveal both its brilliance and its imperfections. Learning that rock collecting has been a hobby of Susan’s family for generations made our decision all the more clear.

Purple, the color of domestic violence awareness, symbolizes courage, survival and dedication. The rocks are a reminder to be strong. A piece of karma to keep or pass on.
Susan's Heart

“In 2011, our company experienced the tragic consequences of domestic violence.

Through our shared heartbreak, we looked to one another for strength, and as BDA does

best, we rallied. Susan’s Rock and the BDA Cares Foundation represent our company’s

commitment to take action, stop the violence and make a real difference in the lives of

people in our own community and beyond.”

Jay Deutsch

BDA co-founder and CEO


Is there an organization in your community in need of help?
Send us the details. The BDA Cares Foundation is looking to expand our
network of established non-profits who provide assistance to those
impacted by domestic violence.